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Christine Gosch, Principal
Gail Chevremont, School Secretary

Phone Number (414) 604-4000
Fax Number (414)  546-5641

The Irving School Information and Absence Hotline gives parents 24 hour
access to school information, and it allows parents to call in their child’s absence at any time. The introductory message offers a number of options. The caller may access the desired information by pushing the appropriate extension. To reach the school office during regular school hours (7:30 to 4:00) just press “0” upon hearing the introductory greeting. For calls after hours and on weekends, you may leave a message. You also have access to classroom voice mail and information lines. Upon hearing the introductory greeting on the hotline, dial the appropriate extension.

Irving School Information and Absence Hotline 414-604-4000
School Attendance Hotline Press 1
Weather Announcements Press 2
School Events and General Information Press 3
School Emergency Status Press 8
To Dial By Name Press 9
School Office Press 0

Absences from School
Please call the Irving School phone number and use option #1 (absences and tardies) to report your child tardy or absent from school. Absences and tardies must be reported each day. Please report absences and tardies by 9:00 A.M. Homework may be requested when you leave a message about your child’s absence.